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How do I order a Voice Over?

How does it all work?


Reach out using the handy-dandy CONTACT form or EMAIL,


Give a short description of the job

  • Type of production

  • Is it local/regional/nationwide/global distribution

  • Length of script (how many words?)

  • Length of License (how long will it be used? (6 months/12 months/etc.)

  • Any special requirements? (need to live monitor the recording session? )


BONUS - if you have a sample of the script, send it on over. A DEMO of the read can be provided!


You will be contacted with a quoted contract for the project and that awesome sample recording (if you supplied it).



If the DEMO recording and price are acceptable, email back, and be sure to attach the final script.

Make sure the script is 100% correct  any fixes after this point may incur additional charges to those quoted.



Your full project will be recorded and you will receive a high quality wav. file of the recording (or other format just let it be known).
You will then receive an invoice, which you can pay via PayPal, or Check.


When you receive the recording then the work is done and you pay the invoice.

If you feel that the read is not quite right, or something is mispronounced then email back with specific re-recording instructions.

The project will be re-record as per your instructions and the revised file will be sent to you.

(I do not bill for a retake if it is due to my read. additional billing may be incurred if alterations/revisions are made to the script, or the brief changes dramatically). 


Send your next project and tell your friends about the quality work Todd Voices LLC provided for you!


What formats will you supply the files in? 


Most audio formats can be supplied, but the most common are mp3, wav, aiff/.aif, but just let us know and we will always try to deliver the file type you need!

What is your turnaround time?

24 hours is the target time frame for supplying audio to you from the time your confirmation email and final script is received.

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