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Technical Mumbo-Jumbo

Using his home studio, Todd creates voice over magic.

Audio Interface

Focusrite Scarlett Solo

USB Interface

Provides studio quality recordings, with the ability to capture voice overs anywhere by simply miking up, and monitoring directly for latency free foldback. Gives Todd the ability to give you a professional sounding result everywhere, every time.


CM25 MkIII condenser microphone

Voice over work is easy for Todd with the clarity and minimal processing this mic provides. Enables clear smooth sound quality that you will enjoy. 


HP60 MkIII professional closed back headphones

Comfortable to wear, and providing high end audio, these cans enables Todd to hear all the wonderful techniques and nuances he applies to make your job sound perfect!

Editing Software

Audacity recording software

Todd uses this powerful audio editing software to easily import, mix, edit, and render high quality output easily. You will be impressed with the finished work that Todd provides.

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